Hi and welcome to The FX Edge!

My name is Kumar Kaushal and I am a full time trader. I created this site, and  have put many products out there to help aspiring traders reach their goals. I have My Ultimate PS3 Power Play Strategies, My Winning In Trading Advanced Course, and of course My RTZ Profit Indicator Trading System. Out of all my trading approaches, the one that has taken me the longest to develop and research is the RTZ Indicator. It took me years to research and refine this approach and method! When I first discovered the idea behind this indicator and implemented it onto my chart, I was in sheer AWE! A whole new world had unraveled before me and I could see endless possibilities!

For years I thought I would never release this to the public as it was too valuable, had taken me a very long time and a crazy amount of effort to develop, and was the cornerstone of all my trading decisions. But after years of debate (with myself) and much deliberation, I felt too guilty not sharing something that has really helped my trading hit a new level of profitability. I know that makes me sound horrible for not sharing it earlier, but it’s just the truth…..and after making that decision of sharing this, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest! I got a sense of transparency and it made me feel good! This indicator has awesome power and can really help other traders, and I feel privileged and honoured to be the guy who gets to share it with you! I believe in Karma, so letting people in on my hard work and helping them succeed in trading can only come back with positive energy to me….and that is certainly what I am seeing! 🙂

The response I have gotten is humbling and has made me feel like I need to serve my members even more! I want to share as much as I can and help as many people succeed in trading as possible.

My Mission is to help more traders than anyone else out there, and for THE FX EDGE to have created the most amount of multi-millionaires and financially free traders than any other resource or service out there …We are getting there! 🙂

In terms of my experience, I have been through it all! I first traded stocks, then stock Indexes, then I went on to commodity futures and then currency futures and then solely traded the spot Forex market.

I have been mentored by an ex-hedge fund manager, I have learnt to develop my own trading “in the trenches” and I have sat and traded with some of the best traders about! I have also traded for a wall street firm and now trade solely for myself. I love the freedom and flexibility I have trading my own money …it enables me to trade from wherever in the world I want to, whenever I want, and I don’t have to answer to anyone (wow that’s a big one!).

Me and my wife LOVE to travel, and practically go on holiday every month or so. Our friends and family make a joke that every time they speak to us on our cell phones they never know whether it is going to be an international call or not! Lol!

I have travelled the world and continue to do so. You can see some pics I have uploaded to the photo slider on the site that shows some of the places I have traveled to (you’ll be watching pics all day if I showed all the places 🙂 ). I will upload more pics on facebook if time permits. I always take my laptop and screens with me and trade wherever I am, whether it be my suite in Vegas, or my over water bungalow in Bora Bora or Maldives. I love my life and the way I live it …and I strive to create this freedom, success and financial security for all The FX Edge Members!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support, love and good wishes ……I am forever trying to express my appreciation for you via this site and service!

Good Trading! 🙂
Forex Trader
Kumar Kaushal