Get Paid To Trade!

Now, what I am going to tell you about here is something that EVERY TRADER should be doing in their trading!

This is a way to share in the profits of brokers on ALL your transactions with them!

I mean think about it…if you could:

  • Get money back on your credit card transactions, would you?
  • Get money back from the car dealer when you buy a car, would you?
  • Get money back from your supermarket when you pay for your groceries, would you?
  • Share in the profit that your bank makes off of you, would you?

There is always some form of this happening in all the industries around you, and we all take advantage of such things like cash back offers on certain purchases or air miles through credit card companies, but this has never happened in the trading business for end users…until now!

This surpasses all the things mentioned above because we are not talking about a single transaction here, we are talking about making cash back on EVERY single trade, REGARDLESS OF IF YOU WIN OR LOSE in that trade!

Think about what that actually means:

This compounded over time will SKYROCKET your trading account, ALL WITH MONEY YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE RECEIVED!

Who ever has the chance to share in your brokers profits???

Well now you can! With this ingenious company called cash back forex!


Here is what their business plan is, and how YOU make money from your broker account through them (even on your existing broker accounts):

When you open a trading account with one of our listed brokers through our links, we receive a part of the spread or commission on every trade you make as compensation for introducing you to them. Your spreads, commissions, and execution conditions remain the same as if you opened up directly with the broker. We, in turn, share a portion of our compensation with you in the form of a rebate, as thank you for signing up with us. The rebate you receive is a partial return of your trading costs (spread and/or commission) on winning and/or losing trades, making your trading more profitable.


Get paid to trade

Why use CashBackForex?


Get paid to trade


Get paid to trade

Here are some FAQs:


Can I receive cash back on my existing broker account?

Yes you can! Please visit the individual broker pages (on the cashbackforex site) for more details on how to receive cash back on an existing account.

The rebate agreements we have with each broker is different, and brokers also have their own policies regarding earning rebates on existing accounts that were not opened from For these reasons, the existing account procedure is different for each broker.
For example, the process for IC Markets is as follows:

“To receive rebates as an existing IC Markets client, you would go to the link on their broker page and would simply follow the instructions under the title “To Receive Cash Back From An Existing Account”.

Whereas the process for Pepperstone is much different:

“To receive rebates with an existing Pepperstone account, please follow one of these two steps:

1) If your account is not already under any IB, please contact Pepperstone directly and ask them if it is possible to have “Clear Markets, Ltd.” listed as the IB on your account.

2) If your account already has an IB, please contact Pepperstone directly and ask them if they will let you change the IB in your existing account to “Clear Markets, Ltd.” (parent company of or if they will let you open a new account using the links on our website. Please let us know the outcome of any conversation you may choose to have with the broker.”
These are just two examples, but all of the brokers on our website have different procedures. In most cases, the instructions for receiving rebates on an existing account are listed on the broker’s page under the title “To Receive Cash Back on An Existing Account”. If there are no instructions listed or you have any questions about the instructions, please feel free to contact us for more information.


Will My Spreads And/Or Commissions Increase If I Open An Account Through You?


Never! When you open an account through us, your spreads and commissions will be EXACTLY the same as those offered on the broker’s website.

How so? The broker pays the introducing broker (us) part of the spread as compensation for referring a trader to them. The trader gets access to the same tight spreads that are available to all other clients of the brokerage. We, in turn, share a potion of our compensation with our clients as a cash refund on every trade they take; as a way of saying thank you for signup up through us.

Thus, you will receive exactly the same spreads, commission, execution, and other levels of service from your chosen Forex broker as if registering direct with that broker.

The only difference is that, by opening your account through us, you will receive cash back!

Get paid to trade

What I love about this rebate program is that it all makes perfect sense!

We all know that there are introducing brokers out there that make a commission for referring trades over to brokers, and what cashbackforex is simply doing is taking a big cut from brokers profits, and then sharing that with the end user….YOU!

So this is why I say that I think EVERY Trader should be doing this!

You’d be crazy not to! It is literally free money that you would never see if it wasn’t for this rebate program, and you are doing nothing different with your trading, just carry out your trades, and receive money back for doing so.

Remember, over time, this is going to be a lot of money, especially when you think about compounding the proven profits made by The FX Edge members!!!!   🙂

Signup now or connect your existing broker account to cashbackforex:

Get paid to trade