WIT Trade>> double whammy 7 to 1 risk reward!

For those of you that have attended my ‘Winning In Trading’ webinar (and even those that have not yet), I just wanted to show you a ‘Winning In Trading’ trade that was taken in the latest trading session (02-Nov-2018):



Here on USDJPY we had a DOUBLE WHAMMY trade…


We had a stackable entry after our initial entry (hence a double whammy)


We have A LOT of alignment with all the Fibonacci points here


So here goes:


*1  – we had a perfect gartley in terms of alignment here and you can see the green retracement at *2 that price reversed at


*2 –we had our fib retracement here that was the completion of our gartley


*3 – the blue line was a  Fibonacci energy swing that aligned at this very same point!


*4 – we had a trendline that price touched to the tick, and there is a point to the left of the chart that I couldn’t show which had a perfect touch to the trendline also!


*5 – we then had a fib energy swing that came later on after entry


*6 – at this same area as *5, we had a Fibonacci power level and price bounced exactly off this level and we got a nice 2nd entry here.


These 2 entries totalledOVER 7 TO 1 IN RISK REWARD!!!


The power of these extra special Fibonacci techniques (that no one teaches out there) still astound me to this day!

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