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Here on EURCAD M5 we had an awesome Fibonacci trade…

We had a confirmation of price reversal first with the butterfly pattern and Fibonacci extension hit, and then we got our ultra-powerful fib energy swing and power level and it was go for a short!

We have A LOT of alignment with all the Fibonacci points here

So here goes:

*1 – this was our butterfly and when price reversed here we knew it was time to pay attention to this pair

*2 – when we got price respecting this Fibonacci extension (that completed the butterfly), this gave us the confirmation we needed – this is a good enough entry here but I normally like a bit more confirmation so I waited.

*3 – we also had divergence here so that gave us the green light to look for the perfect short entry

*4 – we had a fib energy swing here and price touched it to the tick!

*5 – this Fibonacci power level came in here and look how the bodies of the candles could not penetrate it. This along with all the confirmation from before and the energy swing right above (green line) was all we needed to get short!

Look how price just fell from this point… this is what you call professional trading… and it is this type of trading that banks big profit!

This was OVER 6 TO 1 IN RISK REWARD!!!

The power of these extra special Fibonacci techniques (that no one teaches out there) still astound me to this day!

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