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Here on EURGBP M15 we had a great Fibonacci trade…

We had a nice gartley which aligned with a nice fib power level and it was a nice clean entry here.

Here are the points:

*1 – this was our gartley pattern that nicely formed at the exact retracements we like to see at point C

*2 –this fib retracement was spot on and lined up to the tick with price- this completed our gartley pattern

*3 – We had our fib power level aligning AT THE EXACT SAME POINT! Look how price respected it and started reversing. This was our point to enter

Price just kept on rising, without any major pullback – makes it nice and easy to capture the profit!

Fibonacci confluence zones help you make Quick and IMMEDAITE PROFITSin the market!

The power of these extra special Fibonacci techniques (that no one teaches out there) still astound me to this day!

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